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It is really funny how the word STUPID is so satanized in spanish…

I really don’t know how other places consider the word …



GERMAN – DUMM      (that is where the expression DUMB comes from which means the same in english)

TRADITIONAL CHINESE –     愚蠢  (that’s like something  you can send  to a friend hahaha!)

RUSSIAN –   глупый   (this too!)


Look At this Stupid FACE!! Ha!

Well, That’s not the point!

The point is that  today i was walking on the street and i bumped into a guy (friend)

And I told  him ” you still look as STUPID as when I met you!”

he looked at me like..”this guy has serious problems”

So I asked “What?”

He Said ” I felt Offended”

” oh! Sorry” (and had to explain)

STUPID IS JUST A WORD…. OK? In english it is not used to


This reminds me of ….DOES IT OFFEND YOU , YEAH?



(this is the part where you Cross Yourselves!)


For those of you who were in my workshop and wanted to have a picture of our soooo cool board.

Here it goes….


Sorry if the picture quality isn’t good enough…

I also hope you guys learned a lot!

Have a nice week!


I remember when i was kid,

I do all the time, like the stuff that i liked.

I remember i had this Ninja Turtles Coloring book , I loved TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, I still remember coloring the bad guys feet RED, BLUE, or even PURPLE, simulating that  THE NINJA TURTLES had stompped on their feet.

Saw the cartoon…

I even had a  PIJAMA….

I have always loved PIRATES, I used to dream about being one, I was like some kind of captain, In fact i liked them so much i ate this cereal CAP’N CRUNCH

Eventhough he’s got nothing to do with a PIRATE I still thought he was cool, coming from the sea and stuff ,

He’s got to be one of them!

Oh! how innocent I was…

Check Out the commercials…


I miss it….

Speaking about cereal… You just have to see this..


2008 is Gone!

And things have gone by so fast.

I remember last year at HIDALGO.. (Where i never had a good time)

All the Shit  I’ve done wrong…

The people that have helped me…

The people that have left me down…

A new Year has come.. A new life will start…

BTW: I think you need to see this…



I don’t have much with me. My mommy helped me pack my clothes and stuff. I also brought my Gameboy! I never go on a bus trip without it. The batteries are running out, though. Before I left, mommy gave me an entire box of Oreos. She usually never lets me eat sugar. She says that it makes me “bounce off the walls.” I dunno. No matter how many cookies I eat, it always hurts when I slam into things. I don’t just bounce off.

Mommy was in her housecoat when she was saying goodbye to me, even though it was the middle of the afternoon! It’s a nice housecoat … it’s pink and it has bunnies on it. Daddy and I bought it for her last birthday. I guess it makes her feel better to wear it. Mommy’s been real sick and weak for about four sleeps now. She had to sit down and rest a lot while she was helping me to get ready to go. I think daddy’s sick too, but I haven’t seen much of him for a long time now.

When the army guy came to the door, I got really scared! He had a even had a gun, just like in the movies and on the news. Mommy told me to go with him. I said, “Why do I have to go? Aren’t you and daddy coming with me?” I started to cry. I don’t hardly do that anymore. I’m a big boy. But I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t want to go away with a stranger.

Mommy knelt beside me then. Her eyes were really huge for her face. I don’t remember them ever being like that before. I think there were some tears deep down inside them, but I’m probably wrong. Grownups never cry. She told me that I had to go away because everyone was real sick and she wanted me to stay healthy. I asked her why everyone was sick. She said it had to do with something called … “bi”–no, wait-“biomilogic war.” I dunno, it was some kinda crazy word, but she said that it was making a lot of people sick and I had to leave so that I wouldn’t get sick too. I asked her when I could come back, but she didn’t know. When I told her I wanted to see daddy before I went, her face went all kinda funny.

That’s when the army guy told me it was time to go. I cried all the way down the driveway to the bus even though he was really nice to me. He asked me what school I used to go to. It was hard for me to remember … mommy didn’t let me go to school after this one kid in my class, Tommy, got real sick. I remember we were having storytime on the carpet when he just suddenly fell over, screaming and grabbing at his tummy. He was throwin’ up and everything! A lot of kids started to cry. Not me though … I hardly ever cry. Still, even I was a little scared because Tommy wouldn’t stop yelling about how much his stomach hurt. Mrs. Patts and the student teacher had to carry him out of the room. After that, all our parents came to the school and picked us up. Mommy kept me home from that day on. For a little while she taught me some school stuff, but most of the time I would just play my Gameboy. She wouldn’t let me play outside, either.
I wish I knew where we’re going now. This bus ride is boring. We’ve been driving forever. I hope they’ll let me go back home to see mommy and daddy soon. Mommy told me that she doesn’t know when I can go back, but it’s okay. I can wait. If I eat my Oreos and play my Gameboy, the time should go by real fast. I’ll see mommy and daddy again soon.

I don’t feel too good. I think I ate too many cookies…